The Plural of Or

“The Plural of Or” by Nicole Garlando (Cole).

“The Plural of Or” AVAILABLE NOW

“The Plural of Or”, the first book by Nicole Garlando, is now available. First 100 copies ordered will be numbered, signed and include a one-of-a-kind, bookart piece by Cole, created as one large painting then split into 100 pieces. All orders come with a downloadable PDF of the book with physical books shipped as orders are received. Official book release date: Solstice, 21st of December, 2021.


“The Plural of Or” is a non-linear story, part autobiography and part fiction, to be read as a poem or a dream. Written by Nicole Garlando. Published by Radar. Cover by Chip Willis. Photography by Kate Sweeney. Contains adult content.


Jalen Ramsaw (Alexander Dreamer) for believing in me and helping me cross the finish line of this work. I came to him with “The Plural of Or” in 2020 when I wanted to record my reading of it on audio. So that year, over several hours, I read it in one long take and he recorded it, several times in his recording studio in Columbus, Ohio. For more than a year he reminded me to refine and put it out in its original, written form. He helped me move past my anxiety and paranoia about letting others see it, about sharing the story of its creation, and the independent publishing process’s marketing and distribution plan. His faith in me as an artist is why the book is here today.

Bebe Miller and David Gray who were the only other folks to give me feedback on its first draft. I finally became ruthless in editing the work after hearing their thoughtful responses. They are a constant presence in my life and the avenues of my creative work and I am grateful for their love, kinship, and dog Wilson.

Tawanda Chabikwa for the love, collaboration and friendship. Our times, creative collaborations, and conversations remind me existence is every cell of me and to remember to love myself and the human experience. I am grateful we met that day.

Chip Willis for this cover! Thank you for your support. Grateful for all our times talking about light and how we see things, grateful how we see one another. This design of the cover, having not read the book yet was for me, perfect.

Kate Sweeney for the first 100 books in print! It’s a Solstice Release Special Edition! Our friendship, time and connection reminds me that there is always love. I am so grateful for that.

There are many other people to thank who continue to support decades of creative output including members of my family, close friends, and collaborators – but those mentioned above had a direct impact on this book, specifically.