I sit waiting.

watch ,they say.

my hands. the voice in there.

watch them, they speak in sound you cannot here.

you are not special. you are not worthy of life.

and this of course is what makes you so amazing.

worth is not a factor.

it is only because you are Life that you are alive.

you are not special. you are existence.

to feel this in you is to honor this in others.

when no one sees you. when no one touches you, when no one believes you.

when someone does.

when no electric thing is on.

when you are washed in a sea of people. when they hate you because of who you are. when you choke. when you are choked. when misperception prevails. when clarity breaks. when almost everyone loves you. when no one knows you. when you recognize yourself. when you live another night. when you are killed and celebrated.

you are it.

no person can make you feel it.

no thing you achieve will being it forth.

no observation or idea will see it known to you.

you can not imagine it.

you must accept it. unconditionally. without event.

to understand Life beyond worth or specialty is to honor this in others.

you are no-time.

you are it.

it, which is time… lol with a shine on my skin

may this be received as a blessing to to all of us. alive and not.