“touch a nerve?” (anonymous)

Listening to the interviews I’ve collected. Transcribing, re-living, processing with new ideas. Imagine me as a tree growing lessons by the sun. Ra It’s like I’m tripping. Dripping. Over the last two years I've recorded dozens of people, different ages in different parts of the world discussing their ideas of “self/not-self”, “time”, and now a third question… Continue reading “touch a nerve?” (anonymous)


I sit waiting. watch ,they say. my hands. the voice in there. watch them, they speak in sound you cannot here. you are not special. you are not worthy of life. and this of course is what makes you so amazing. worth is not a factor. it is only because you are Life that you are alive.… Continue reading no-time


Form: a Practice

In the back of a studio windowed in walls of sunset skies, parallel moments of human experience intersect my presence. It is a healing exchange. I’ll focus on observation of a pedagogical method and what I can translate into words of new physical sensation, rather than unpacking the emotional and spiritual effects of this day's practice,… Continue reading Form: a Practice

you’re not: zen

page hall nov 25, 2014 photo by nico "Punctuation can do more than words" Tom Kasulis said tonight during the introduction of himself at his lecture "Zen Buddhism as Creativity". He shared many good thoughts with us including "I  is the name for the flow of my experiences". I give the entire happening a bloody thumbs-up. Yesterday I read an old journal excerpt,… Continue reading you’re not: zen

Repetition + Adaptation = Truth… and dichotomies as praxis?

i made this sticky - a post from years ago.. same - and an edit. our shadows and smokey  11Oct2014   photo by cole Last night I attended Vida Midgelow's lecture and post-discussion "Dance Improvisation as Research: Liquid Knowing and Languaging" with OSU cohorts and faculty (I consider them "cohorts" in ways) and was sparked as… Continue reading Repetition + Adaptation = Truth… and dichotomies as praxis?

la Vida

Vida Midgelow visits OSU 11.18/19.14 to dialogue with us on practice as research, in words and in movement. Today she enables us to write and improvise through decision/tasks. We move, speak, and write as witness and mover, in first and third person. Following is an excerpt of reflexive writing during this process: I write: I am fatigued, anxious and pent-up.… Continue reading la Vida

Communication from a place of flesh thought

It is difficult to express with words what the body feels. The dialogue of exposure. Communication from a place of flesh thought; it is from here that we eat moments and drink the reflexive assessment of our being. What did we feel our experience to be? How are we experiencing the feel? What is ?


Im typing this post in real time

good. god. it actually read that as i typed it, the title: "i'm typing this post in 'real time'". .. ! tha fuq is real time? this is the first post i will have ever type/d in real time. until now i've posted excerpted written journals and other 'un-real time' ephemera on this blogsite. so. i read the posts… Continue reading Im typing this post in real time