muddled notes on observing bmc(.4)

my notebook june 2016

transcription of my notes watching an afternoon of the bebe miller company residency at the ohio state university dance department | 6.9.16


“combing for the alignment of things
the context of things  that’s being built” bebe

she gestures an invitation to match (ish).

tethers. find them. do it.

making choreographic to perform.

“the time the thing was made at that moment” Bebe

“recognizing what is arising before us and the making of a train of those” Bebe

they all move in [trance?] ways. she speaks. they stand in a circle.

Bronwen – “do you know if you want us to find the [1 sec.?]”

picket fence @ shadowline


“you don’t have to witness it to make it happen” Bebe

she speaks

after they speak

“i want to begin with the solos”

the solos begin.

bronwen enters the space but only in movement – she stays on the periphery of the circle. she is with bebe.

michelle swirls carving in a languid body. the arms move space as she finds it. it is flawless. and then.
the simultaneity.

bronwen enters the space
she is looking at them all in shape

unison. they move.

they ambulate.

there is [eeeee?] in the exchange. a patience to finding and searching all the same.


nothing is said here. but unspoken agreement is here.

[torn]re’s a call

[where i tore it] form – something

[and now can’t read this] in the form.

“I felt something just like poking me” – Angie
(i think i recall Angie here referencing an idea / movement / energy / intention ‘poking’ her to pay attention to it – but it could also have been something poking her)

“may your next choice… ” – bronwen

“everything counts” bebe

i feel familiar with the time and I want to feel less familiar.

“what is picked up , running with. not running but the length.” Bebe

crystal moments


time between and of the moments and the ‘pauhhw!’

“what do we do next / last day…  uggghhhh… where are we heading – which is different than noting where we are.” bebe

after a 10minute improv structure – clearly agreed on the elements-
I hear: ‘the 5’, ‘the line’ , ‘the solos’ , ‘opening circle’ , ‘family’ – these are the system.

“if not ‘matchy’, from ‘match’ function” bebe

A second run changes things

einstein and relativity and then a beat i don’t know. sounds like mickey hart. then it becomes a 7os-ish groovy thing
and now r&b – Angie feels it
B nods.

she has mixed [sound] with relativity theories and house, not dubstep music. is this Dorian’s?

i wonder how these things are so important.

herding “space sandwich” revolving wall / hidden bookcase
“I didn’t mean to end with the music” – Angie
“You don’t have to, you can go” – Bebe

“track the form” – Bebe

the fire in the belly shows itself. the music was for the Darrell piece recently, she mentions.

“shit, i had another deep thought… “ Bebe

they talk about the moments, “reading the compression”

“let’s not worry too much about … i think we’re still finding a lot of stuff.” – bebe

loose-edged and then coalesce

“undermining the syntax. meandering – it’s a kind of a unit to put in reference to something else.” – bebe

“track the form” – bebe

B takes photos of them while they work to review.

i wonder if i’ll be in it (the photo). it’s not about you, cole…

“politeness, the agreement”

“something is delivered, something is exchanged

– it’s not just that, it’s the syntax” – Bebe

— “

anytime you see [this] it marks where i can’t read my notes.