Observing BMC .4

On July 10, 2017 I attended "Dancing in the Making Room" an Open Rehearsal and Shared Practice session of the Bebe Miller Company during their residency for a new work which will premiere at Columbus, Ohio's Wexner Center for the Arts on November 30, 2017. Choreography and direction: Bebe Miller; Performers: Michelle Boulé, Sarah Gamblin, Angie… Continue reading Observing BMC .4

Bebe and a practice with Meg Stuart scores

ø More conversation has taken us on since then. And right now I think of time as the substance by which action can be perceived. Because Time feels to me like: the carved vessel / the act of its sculpting as well as the volume of space / the vibration therein. Twin Body - Different people form the line of my… Continue reading Bebe and a practice with Meg Stuart scores

Observing BMC

Bebe Miller Company residency at The Ohio State University 6.8.2016 : Morning session     Observations (Part I): Today I observed most of the morning session of company rehearsal for a new collaboration called “The Making Room”. Collaborators not present at this residency include Susan Rethorst and Lily Skove; Christal Brown and Lila Hurwitz; Darrell… Continue reading Observing BMC