be sweet

Each human, like a projector:
I aim my light to see,
I see what I can
through the light out of me.

help them understand how you are here.

how? (why?)

love. write words from love. check wrongs with love. share life with love. love is the substance that carries you.

so what of it
when love is,

it still is,
it cannot

there are always the double negatives that never occur..

ok- enough meter, enough wordplay.

they are calling it out.

imagining what might be done or writing what will be done does not replace the learning, and the effect on others by doing.

and here again fear drips in.

like a room of water..
it takes a while for its wet to seep seen,
the walls fortified with a way of being.
You hear the house settling over many years.
It has stifled you; startled you; soothed you; it is you.
This life you breathe is the home you take about.
So what to do?
Life is more than everything.
There are many options seeking seen.
And quiet in belief.

My practice.
I like it rigorous,
It lacks practice.

for this moment i sit on a step burning corners slowly as i loosen the faucet. the wet room bulges. I turn to look at what was imagined, what was planned for time, what was wanted to be done, what steps toward, from and unknown. Some board a train and arrive another place.. Time.

the room of water crowns
let the ground soak it in;
the ceilings smolder.
Fall the house from the home.

I aim my light to see,
I see what is seen
through the light out of me.

What am I gathering here?


What is the purpose?


What is my position?


Maybe. Most certainly. More than you think. And that is why you must also love yourself. laugh in your life. Spread love. Spread love.

I am aware that every human being is a layered life that matters because it exists.

Each of us are what we loveseewantfearavoidhate
– it is our own me that we see.

Each life a projector:
I aim my light to see,
I see what I can
by the light out of me.

IMG_5777photo: me