a self to talk to: bawk

perhaps it’s how long and loud you can stand someone’s screams that leads to leaders who seem to move fright and sounds of death forward from / into human beings.

this is not the only way.

what must do   .

just do you must.

what you must do is clock time to human value. try. when there is you you are me and we too. why all this war? you silly fucks it’s not about hate but humanity . come now, you can see. don’t sit there and pretend you can’t learn to fuck off and be.

\ you blow humans up again and again and beat life down until you sense end.

why is this humanity?

will you see we
with any you see?

provides a zillion other ways in |

what am i to do with life and here too. i mean writing this down is what I’m to do but what of love and of life and of making as you?

you are you you can’t help but worry about you. and this is why you can sometimes understand other humans too. now back to the task this is me into you.

how gathering comes coming near and you se. that


that holds us is not made of we. we are making it go now it’s something else.
and now you must know how to speak, so it sees.
we will find others too then you will come along with and then travel you will kinda like the abyss. it will be same in ways and \ water is one. and the ways that will spread for love under the sun. around is beneath i am all around you.

even you, you can see me stark black peeling through.

it’s not about me.

good you are learning to go through as we and now unto it

the people will be. they will come to you plainly you needn’t walk toward , just stay put and listen in heart sex concord. the bird – you ar flying you at rest (    are it)

swooping down bawk up and upward. come to; keep set.

making up as your down.

hawk eye

typos left in, edited for meter in places, left to fall away at the end [excerpt 4April2017)


self-portrait, still from video

 when i say you, i mean we.
we includes self- reflection.