may the ancestors hold me. may i be without fear and without anger. may my boundaries be healthy and may they be clear. i am responsible for my journey.

i notice. i am tensing. let go. it’s okay to be freezing. it’s okay to have heat. it’s okay for the sun to beat down on my feet. time clocks my past and my breathing. i honor me. the underside of things. i am clarity. and i can be free. 

from boundless love comes boundless energy.

from outside i am the same as this energy.

from inside of me i am energy.

as existence, there is always more of me.

image: photo by me of a screen in a screen. description: blue/silver lines form a small rectangle in the middle of a black screen that fills up the frame. the phone camera’s purple light point shines above the rectangle. taken during a night of dancing alone in a friend’s beautiful home.