math time

everyday writing looks like this sometimes

_after each meal of time

_the day on a plate

_i sit and i write

_upon paper

_or keys

_in heart 

_and in ear

_ the voice still knocks deep

_it knocks 

_ and i thank it 

_ for what it will bring.

the other 

a night 


back toward the sun

the offer


a life to come from

the journey

a day 

shadow gone long

without sun


of listening

to guide the right one

to good action

a human

a being

a constant 

some thing

and it’s just begun.

how much do we hear

when we listen to god

all the gods you believe in

are not at odds

what day will you listen 

when writing it down

to everything 


say to speak out. 

prayers out.

math was invented by a species 

in a small building

listening to


it was the first seen 

a measurement

of shadow

run long on the wall;

complete darkness, a womb

it is the first thing

light is the second

then shadow explains,

that’s where it comes from.

excerpt 2021 sat dec 11 3:29a in a warm december storm

image: cole in jason moran’s exhibit at wex arts by kate sweeney