2014-2021 : interview dialogues with people of different place, experience and belief on ideas of self, time and other wonderous things.

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in 2014 i began to collect audio interviews in my travels and where i live. each year, a new question presents itself and each interaction with friends and strangers is a teacher in its own way. i believe asking questions of ourselves and imagining new worlds is important for human beings.

the interviews represent perspectives in a specific moment in the life of each person you hear speaking. opinions do not necessarily reflect my own, and that is one the points of the whole thing – to gather and share perpectives. answers to these unanswerable questions are not as important to me as the asking – oneself and others, and then listening.


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28+ years of experience teaching meditation and somatic-based classes to people of all ages infant – elderly with diverse ways of learning and needs including students who are blind/low-vision, deaf, autistic, neuro-divergent, and people with cerebral palsey, down’s syndrome, developmental delay, parkinson’s disease, dementia, cancer, brain/mind trauma, anxiety, ptsd, and chronic pain.


Finding ways to move together. A project by CoCo Loupe and Mina Estrada in collaboration with Noelle Chun and Garlando

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