Booking My Face

I am present in a moment at the Pacific Ocean.
I turn my attention from the Pacific to practice my digital literacy, photo by Jerry West, 12.13.14
I turn from the world around me to the digital.
photos by Jerry West 12.13.14

A friend asks me if there’s anyone I want to spy on when his FB is open to show me pics he’s posted. Nah, I’m good. I just don’t feel like it. Though I do sometimes ask people how folks are doin on FB because I certainly do miss a lot, to be sure, and not having access to that timespace* is both a wonderful relief and a choice that has caused separation from the people I love. Facebook has generated its own language, protocol, etiquette, community and timespace. I find out someone’s mother died in the same place I see their posted selfies from a bathroom and the weirdness of it gets to me, I am reminded of so many South Park episodes (I’ve been on a kick…) that make comment on this very true, unreal reality*.
I am now asked to do a post for class, a sort-of look back on the course and its themes, and my own digital literacy. I have delved into Final Cut and piqued interest in Photoshop, know WordPress enough to do this post, and also got to work on creating methodology and clarifying what it is that I consider to be my academic artistic research*. I have learned about the incredible talents and ideas of my cohorts, and have enjoyed the early morning time spent together around the table.
I will be teaching a class at Feverhead as part of my coursework next semester and now must reappear on the book of face to communicate with prospective students because this is where they will be. This is where folks go to find out information. This is how I must reach them. Or rather, I have chosen to do it this way because it seems the most effective. When I deleted my account six months ago, I had over 1,000 friends*. I hope this time to stay under 100.
* I don’t know what this word means, in context.

added 12.24.14 – so i spent multiple hours today on the book of face. connecting w folks, nesting the profile, creating the class event and posting it places. by 10am i had cried tears of joy and of ick. thinking about how i want to book this face. old habits are tired.

1.25.15 – up to like 130 friends…

14Oct 2016 – i delete fb again. ig 147 followers and blocking