Bebe and a practice with Meg Stuart scores

ø More conversation has taken us on since then. And right now I think of time as the substance by which action can be perceived. Because Time feels to me like: the carved vessel / the act of its sculpting as well as the volume of space / the vibration therein. Twin Body - Different people form the line of my… Continue reading Bebe and a practice with Meg Stuart scores

something about a word is not more.

André Lepecki on collaborating with Meg Stuart: “approach to metaphor as something that must be literalism by physical action.” (67) “the fine liminality between living and haunting” (67) “the process was guided by thinking practically on how lineage is a body - but also  how language makes bodies, and finally how bodies both make and… Continue reading something about a word is not more.

Form: a Practice

In the back of a studio windowed in walls of sunset skies, parallel moments of human experience intersect my presence. It is a healing exchange. I’ll focus on observation of a pedagogical method and what I can translate into words of new physical sensation, rather than unpacking the emotional and spiritual effects of this day's practice,… Continue reading Form: a Practice

Note to self: that’s not your idea

What makes us think we do not share thoughts and ideas the way that we share air, gravity, energy from the sun? These things are from a source that is not us. We do not manifest them from our being. They a part of our experience and allow us to change in understanding. So what makes… Continue reading Note to self: that’s not your idea

muddled notes on “Café Müller” with “Split Sides” and “Cursive II”

the following are notes on work by choreographers pina bausch, merce cunningham, and lin hwai-min, respectively. cafe muller notes: lights up on calf-searching - white flecks of slipgown movement. The windows and doors - the bang of the chairs. It is purposeful, even the misstep a redirection. It is tragic - how does one maintain interest? Why do we… Continue reading muddled notes on “Café Müller” with “Split Sides” and “Cursive II”

Much, much more than words.

photo by cole during 'the theater is a blank page' a collaboration by Ann Hamilton and Ann Bogart with SITI Company at The Wexner Center for the Arts. ... Your foot in my mouth, or mine in yours?  I had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Porter on April 3, 2015 for coursework with Dr. Candace… Continue reading Much, much more than words.

all the Time finding moments

tree tops

"Have you done a treetop one yet?" prompt by Justin. photo by cole. Finding moments. Searching for constancy. And all the Time   finding moments. One does not stand upon time. Here I'd love to draw that little loop he motioned. It would begin at 3oclock and move counterclockwise the size of a fist. Thicker as… Continue reading all the Time finding moments

la Vida

Vida Midgelow visits OSU 11.18/19.14 to dialogue with us on practice as research, in words and in movement. Today she enables us to write and improvise through decision/tasks. We move, speak, and write as witness and mover, in first and third person. Following is an excerpt of reflexive writing during this process: I write: I am fatigued, anxious and pent-up.… Continue reading la Vida