Seeing Up

Shadows out West by Nico

“Dogs can’t look up” – that makes me smile. Know the movie?

I am remembering how important it is to spend time making smiles. For me, for you. There is nothing else, when I think about it.

All that is makes me smile.
All the hurt and bliss.
All that shakes and soothes.
All that shrouds and seeks.

Spending time moving in my inner smile.

Glint of a grin that begins when I think of those I love, a place I love, a memory, a vision.

It grows, nourished as I offer it all I know.
It consumes the shadow and the light.

It breathes me into this momentUs place.

It is now 1:16p on Sunday. It is January 4, 2015.

I smile at myself.
And so at you!