photo by nico on 17September2014. we make choices about what we communicate. how we create ourselves and relate. my friend Leslie once gave me the image of the inner circle of friends/loved ones as a bullesye. it's like with every interaction there is: 1 and 2. our want and ability to offer our inner circle. 3 and 4. an… Continue reading Intim{ID]acy

An Intimate Partner – response to this week’s private practice

still of video by nicole from "ROI" a process conceived and directed by tawanda, with coco loupe at Feverhead 2013 Two rectangular beams - wooden pillars, create a 7-foot wide 7-foot tall transition between two rooms in my home. I have a very intimate relationship with these bodies. I know their smell, their texture, their hollow places that give a bit; the… Continue reading An Intimate Partner – response to this week’s private practice