| Time In

Time In | FEBRUARY 25, 2017 | 6-9PM | Cultural Arts Center, Columbus OH | mfa thesis TIME IN | FEBRUARY 25, 2017 | 6-9PM the premiere of 'Time In' is three weeks away, I'm going over three years of this project's process, excerpted here: rhrsl footage of justin and ella, audio interview with ali Time… Continue reading | Time In

Bebe and a practice with Meg Stuart scores

ø More conversation has taken us on since then. And right now I think of time as the substance by which action can be perceived. Because Time feels to me like: the carved vessel / the act of its sculpting as well as the volume of space / the vibration therein. Twin Body - Different people form the line of my… Continue reading Bebe and a practice with Meg Stuart scores

“touch a nerve?” (anonymous)

Listening to the interviews I’ve collected. Transcribing, re-living, processing with new ideas. Imagine me as a tree growing lessons by the sun. Ra It’s like I’m tripping. Dripping. Over the last two years I've recorded dozens of people, different ages in different parts of the world discussing their ideas of “self/not-self”, “time”, and now a third question… Continue reading “touch a nerve?” (anonymous)

Observing BMC

Bebe Miller Company residency at The Ohio State University 6.8.2016 : Morning session     Observations (Part I): Today I observed most of the morning session of company rehearsal for a new collaboration called “The Making Room”. Collaborators not present at this residency include Susan Rethorst and Lily Skove; Christal Brown and Lila Hurwitz; Darrell… Continue reading Observing BMC

questions are a gift

Ali, Mom, NYC Few months back, I was part of a symposium at NYU/Tisch on ensemble improvisation called Form in Question. Before arriving, K.J. Holmes invited me to be part of a group that would perform during her session and I ended up part of a sextet with Jennifer Monson, Linda Austin and musicians Kris Apple, Robert… Continue reading questions are a gift

Note to self: that’s not your idea

What makes us think we do not share thoughts and ideas the way that we share air, gravity, energy from the sun? These things are from a source that is not us. We do not manifest them from our being. They a part of our experience and allow us to change in understanding. So what makes… Continue reading Note to self: that’s not your idea


  a new dance. maybe it's called 'matches' justin fitch, jess gore, ray elder, ella hackworth, sheneese thompson, and orion and aries gore. sound by cast and ammanuel tekeste. i film in the  middle if this dance. i leave the typo if here instead of of because i recently received a deep text that had… Continue reading MAtches

Much, much more than words.

photo by cole during 'the theater is a blank page' a collaboration by Ann Hamilton and Ann Bogart with SITI Company at The Wexner Center for the Arts. ... Your foot in my mouth, or mine in yours?  I had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Porter on April 3, 2015 for coursework with Dr. Candace… Continue reading Much, much more than words.