in process

nico by tawa 2012
nico by tawa 2012

1, 2, many

ONe, to many

1 too Many

: a new work

appearing at Feverhead‘s ‘Love, Magic’ Friday the 13th, February 2015. created as part of NACHMO – National Choreography Month, co-founded by cohort Anna.

I have no idea what ‘1, to Many’ is. Now a floating signifier, it can take any form or none at all, over again.

a silly dance, a dancey-dance, a fancy dance, a fakey dance a fucking dance a fleeting dance a fix-ed dance a family dance a freeing dance a fling (or dance) a fleshyfootsyfacey dance.

Play, games
be sweet
eat meat, flesh tearing

There is somethiGn again and once more tears of eyes that see sun bright and laugh skin hard, slick

A weight, surprise

A to B, he says.

Yep, You to Z.