right thing is left.


My own and yours, too.

What now do we say, what now do we do?

There is knocking.

Who’s In to let In?

No In, just here, me.
It’s time to begin.

Fall free unto thee, thy self is great big – wide channels of wind blowcross fields open red. Add space in the words in the deeds in the sight. Be clear with your questions – you’ll find things just right. At night. Insight.

Find clear your intention. Do good for yourself. If none is there Realing, reel out off the shelf.
It’s alone you need be.
Right now is enough.
Feel doing what you – and type stuff for the stuff.

Be clear in your looking. Write speak . Read and hear. Listen, and then me. I speak truth so clear.

Look there to see what is here.

Be ear near to ear. Don’t see just recite. Say nothing of nothing no game left in sight. Off duty on other, retreat to the woods. Be gentle and hear it resound as it should. Like it could. Off the wood.

It’s Time that is done, just as we sit by. fly you, see keys moving, there’s no one around.
Like death it is fleeting. like sound – it is ground.

Hear close I am speaking. The right way Is/Was near. But right is not real and true here does not Reel.

What is this ? I’m in , fleeting time as I go.

Stop looking At – Write – this is no time for you. There are many things out to be outed untrue.

War is not ok. Children die everyday. There is hatred and sadness too close to life’s love.

There is nothing to fear . just type what you think. Let the drips outthe ear.

I hear you there now, are you it them or he?

Its nothing you won’t know in time, now you see? ,

rhyme – is it ok ?

it will make it to do . Safe in time and in rhythm is fine if you do.

Be peace and be patient. it isn’t for you.There is time to see beauty not sharp struggling through.

How much time that I end – still it’s note sounds not clear.
From death to AMENded she walks high and near.

I am she – Listen now.
It is not about you.

Let god speak – not of fear, but the truth out through you.

Light brings life and patience, I can’t see you now. But trying to listen is killing somehow.

Killing – is only a harsh word for Life.

Death = life dying = living! I am breathing. Why me… How?
From dust I appear. A mereicle here.

It’s not about you.

Who then?

Watch and see. They are aching right now.

Take time now to see.
Have faith, meaning, light.
Step back, do not move. Just sit tight in the light.

Try reading. Not things. Be alone more and more. Take from/form and give to as your self is the door.

the left – is now knocking. hear right and you’ll see.


Through this prayer you help worlds, and you too, if you let it.

The Time it does ache and Life sees you forget it.

cole, read this again

(excerpt, Fri Mar 20. 2:54a)