walkeye and the time-being

Listening to people. Their lives. Walking home on Sunday I stop to talk to a man and his dog. We speak deeply, quickly. He brings up time and humanity which has me telling him about the interviews I’ve been collecting over the last few years. How the process is “unmooring me” as another friend has put… Continue reading walkeye and the time-being

“touch a nerve?” (anonymous)

Listening to the interviews I’ve collected. Transcribing, re-living, processing with new ideas. Imagine me as a tree growing lessons by the sun. Ra It’s like I’m tripping. Dripping. Over the last two years I've recorded dozens of people, different ages in different parts of the world discussing their ideas of “self/not-self”, “time”, and now a third question… Continue reading “touch a nerve?” (anonymous)

joy, rage, grief, arousal, fear, peace

" gone" made in 2013 by cole Today Faye Driscoll taught a master class at OSU. I was late and entered a room of maybe 37 students and a few observing faculty. Faye Driscoll's work Thank You for Coming: Attendance is on tour at the Wex and she is well-liked in these parts. In allkindsof parts I bet.… Continue reading joy, rage, grief, arousal, fear, peace

muddled notes on “Café Müller” with “Split Sides” and “Cursive II”

the following are notes on work by choreographers pina bausch, merce cunningham, and lin hwai-min, respectively. cafe muller notes: lights up on calf-searching - white flecks of slipgown movement. The windows and doors - the bang of the chairs. It is purposeful, even the misstep a redirection. It is tragic - how does one maintain interest? Why do we… Continue reading muddled notes on “Café Müller” with “Split Sides” and “Cursive II”