3 : the life you touch

photo by melanie. braddah huts, maui

3partners: 3partners : 3partners

when I say “you” i mean “me”

you are your own first partner.

the planet, your second.

and anOther, your third.

it has been so all along.

and now you have grown so that you can walk.

you have found your legs.

where they are the weakest.

you cannot stand.

so walk.

the world.

and walk as you sit.

walk and find your legs while you are here.

she stops me, i turn to see the broken plate in her hand ‘it broke while i was washing it, it didn’t even hit anything.’ it made no sound as i type.

words are breaking plates

dishing plates of break-throughs.

breaking and walking.

look at you!

you have the steps to take !

you are an incredible human. you make incredible mistakes. look at all you learn!

and then!

see the worst in you. answer with the best.

the best that you can do.

it is doing.

you are all of your choices.

and walking brings breath.

it brings your legs back.

sitting still does not mean you have to stop.

you are still and going.

still going.

afraid of how good you think you are.

because you are most certainly not what you feel.

not the worst of you.

you are the middle.

at the center of your existence.

and you are there at the ends of your awareness.

the furthest you can sense.

you are that, too.

and all else is you.

all three partners.