million-mile body

Listen to cole speak "million-mile body", a movement+meditation score created for benevolent instuction (click to hear cole speak "million-mile body" - transcript follows)imagine you are a million miles tall_ this would bring you far above your current horizon_ imagine now every movement that you make_ even if small_ is highly consequential to the earth you… Continue reading million-mile body

Choreograph as a way to get the image out of you

look at it in the imagination and explain it so your choreographic process can understand you. ok. she is standing strong at a door. frame of a door. there are many doors. it is a stage. the world. the red door faces sr she is facing a door among blue and turquoise doors. the doors… Continue reading Choreograph as a way to get the image out of you


i am grateful to conduct interview dialogues with people of different place, experience and belief on ideas of self/not; time; wondrous things; and unanswerable questions. in 2014 i began to collect audio interviews on my travels and where i live. since then they have been used as accompaniment in the classes and workshops i facilitate;… Continue reading HUMAN INTERVIEWS

clocking dance inside i dream you are here all nothing and everything to continue a life.

clocking time watch the years go by dance fills the space a partner left to right inside sit books now full i write dream made visible after paint dries you arrive are whole here while all of time describes nothing  and no time as everything sentient to some  continue in death a life. image: screenshot… Continue reading clocking dance inside i dream you are here all nothing and everything to continue a life.


youvenever heardof me. youvenever heardof your dislike for me or your disrespect. nevershared this as a home. neverfelt allthatyou see as not yourown. youvenever heardof your adoration for me, your kindness. nevertimed connection in trees. neverfelt love peace or fear with the idea of me, or the real. youvenever heardof re-recognizing what you see. neverlearned patterns of perception… Continue reading nevereven


thereislove all that we experience creates how we feel and how we feel others. thereislove we are human beings, changeable and changing. thereislove in standing up, in calling out. we decide to see. to call out atrocity - like customs of hate until death and the killing of we. we decide to hear. to stand together in our need… Continue reading thereislove

Bebe and a practice with Meg Stuart scores

ø More conversation has taken us on since then. And right now I think of time as the substance by which action can be perceived. Because Time feels to me like: the carved vessel / the act of its sculpting as well as the volume of space / the vibration therein. Twin Body - Different people form the line of my… Continue reading Bebe and a practice with Meg Stuart scores

I am Pan: the #

"That one thing that I thought mattered, maybe it didn't matter. Or maybe it doesn't matter now." (Chip Willis 15Dec2016) (29December-13Jan, 2016) I had a vision years ago during a shaman trance. I was a golden hawk. I lifted you up near water from tall, green grass. You were a small, dark snake. Fast I flew with you, and… Continue reading I am Pan: the #

walkeye and the time-being

Listening to people. Their lives. Walking home on Sunday I stop to talk to a man and his dog. We speak deeply, quickly. He brings up time and humanity which has me telling him about the interviews I’ve been collecting over the last few years. How the process is “unmooring me” as another friend has put… Continue reading walkeye and the time-being