Dear Sirs,



the ‘shooter’ was in fact an OSU student in plain sight with no gun but a knife.
the shots fired, which killed Abdul Razak Ali Artan, were from large scales of police that surrounded him outside at mid-day. He was dead before the campus alert to stay away from the ‘active shooter’ area was texted simultaneously to hundreds of thousands of us…

blessings to everyone, we will need it as we go.

“last. weak.” -Questlove

strangely, i posted the following last night and right now I sit on lockdown near Ohio State because of “an active shooter” near Watts Hall. I call my friends, the dept to check see they’re ok. Sirens blare, must be 20 mins by now.

45 mins later and sirens have gone sparse, copters still circle. alerts from the university to shelter in place continue through text. friends are txting from where they lie on classroom floors. one of the msgs i received from the university alert system read “Run Hide Fight”.

now the media reports at least one dead, multiple injured. 

Sunshine is shining

Or is it somehow?

My feet on the ground, up

Two levels right now

Sun shining in

I stare writing,

Hear words.

I ready the place For two hundred or more

6 will show

4 will come

From their corners of war.

A round sine, not opposed.

Adjacent no. It is you.

Shake my hand, I am at once your ‘them’ and your ‘you’.


yes, please, thank you.

Sign again and again.

Sign your name on the line

i am all that you hate from your fear and attack.
I sign on that line puts my body between
your ‘you’ and your ‘them’ since I know we are we.

Fuck the money called time, let it burn itself down.
All flows down-upside-down when you listen to ground.

We are here and death follows you, too, through the sky.
See our kin? It is there that fear breathes itself in.
Writhing weak and hate-ridden, whip’s back-lash cutting deep.
When death builds you, souls come for their calling through we.  

We are more than your ‘you’ when life’s colors unite.



Know your fear

Know true self.

Truth moves feeling to sight.

Sine in time.

I rhyme time of we
up to prayer height.

                                           . Mountain years, here i come.

‘yours’, hawkeye

it’s democide.