lead a horse to water

photo by kate sweeney

loved ones fill our breath as we go. sometimes we share moments of death. it can be terrible and precious.

i want nothing.
and i know you must, too
exactly the same
in a very different way.
love lives life
outside of mine.
as i look around us i can see
forgiving bluffs
paths and footholds.
i can protect the water
i can carry the food
i can sit quiet on a mountain
purple-orange sun,
set in sevens.
i can watch it rise
from planets into volcanoes.
i can breathe forever in.
i can do all of these things,
and i do.
i wish you could go, too.
i love and thrive and fail and bruise.
grateful we are here together,
feet on the ground soaring, diving in blue.
i can see you, as you lay barely breathing.
i can hear your memory as you stagnantly muse.
life will drink clear blue until its thirst is through,
and i know, you’ll take the water if you choose.