clocking dance inside i dream you are here all nothing and everything to continue a life.

clocking time watch the years go by

dance fills the space a partner left to right

inside sit books now full

i write

dream made visible after paint dries

you arrive

are whole

here while

all of time describes


and no time as

everything sentient

to some 

continue in death

a life.

image: screenshot of garlando’s “leftrightcenter” video by coco loupe (crop by wp): nicole dressed in white tank and pants stands in the right of the frame on black marly, in front of a white wall and a wooden folding chair and its shadow. cole is facing audience members who are in shadow on the left of the frame. a blue streak of reflected light from a white lamp separates cole from the audience. play and pause controls for the video are seen at the bottom of the frame.