first in site tag #AutoEthnography #ArchiveExcerpt for excerpts from my notebooks. The notebooks are a one-stop for my academic research | choreographic notes | poetry | meeting minutes | sketches | reflection | and dreams. The process of going through the last ten years of these is a ritual of burning things; making art of others; transcribing notes and revisiting somatic learning. It feeds a creative process and reminds me of community. I am grateful for the time with each person during the making of these as they continue. Grateful to process experience and honor its change. Plus- I love my brain (whatevr that is).


How we sit.


in hard reflections

of windows

-the sound

breathing of

bus air

someone there

-the reflections 

of my computer 

in the window 


of the phone

the sunset

the cup 


the god

(excerpt 2015)

notes on the Eliot / Bales “Dance on Its Own Terms: Histories and Methodologies”

an historical exogesic. an in-depth analysis of dance “events” including specific dances; notation and music scores; accounts of performances; teaching styles; cultural and political movements; physical movements; dance theory; film; technological advances; makers and processes.

“exegesis that allows us to change

our perception and relationship

to what is already there in our field..”

? how might we take this awareness beyond discipline.
toward a meaning of the field of un/awareness; of non/perception.

Ideaology and historical position reveals itself in the choice of makers and things made. content and context in which a writer is made to engage with their own narrative invention, identity, relationality, gender, body and dance.

the body and the work
each as object of effect and as affective subject. 

(excerpt 2020)

Relationality, a start: 

movement to sound 

sound to story

story to history

history to culture

culture to identity

identity to language

movement to movement

movement to story

movement to history

movement to culture

movement to identity

movement to language

sound to sound

sound to history

sound to culture

sound to identity

sound to language

sound to movement

story to story

story to culture

story to identity

story to language

story to movement

story to sound

history to history

history to identity

history to language

history to movement

history to sound

history to story

culture to culture

culture to language

culture to movement

culture to sound

culture to story

culture to history

identity to identity

identity to movement

identity to sound

identity to story

identity to history

identity to culture

language to langauge

language to sound

language to story

language to history

language to culture

language to identity

language to movement.

(sound, go)