context swimming

time is water all around_

immeasurable depths_

i am floating.

i am not a floating thing —

i am floating, the activity_

in a depth created by gravity.

i dreamed it so in movement this week_

and i keep seeing it_

awake and asleep_

it is me _

breathing _

swimming easily _

curled upright, silent and then diving to change_


held by water so immense _

stretching further than my awareness can reach _

it gently cradles me_

being in fluid changes me_

it changes my density.


the context changes me.

time, a deep blue sea

dark buoying

gracefully i flow

in waves of energy

surrounded by time’s fluid

floating me.

excerpt from yesterday’s dailiness in writing. this excerpt related to my experience in a class i’m taking w K.J. Holmes and a quote she shared by jacques cousteau being in the depths of the ocean –

“The water took possession of my skin…” -Jacques Cousteau

combined with texts with a friend in which they said they felt “suspended in time” to which i agreed and said: “yes, time floats me like i’m jacques cousteau”.

image: photo by garlando 2015