the dream again

catch me
in that dream again
i remember quite clearly:

i wake in a small tall house with three levels

curtains billow through sun beams and open panes

there is a dog on each floor, sleep / waking

i am there with love 

who is away just now 

and will be home again

a sense of food

clean water and linen

clear and lived in

things grow in



much green

dark colors of things 

new growth and that which has been

there are no people 

in my eye or 

earshot of me

direction above and round

only trees

curves of land 

of skies

of me 

of animal

of plant beings

flesh swollen and robust

i move with ease

tall or just taking up my whole being

everything in me 

loves and 

moves with me 

as i am a perfect   

version of me.

i wake next to a creature 

who is waking 


effortlessly i rise 

wind blowing

light into the window 

by way of curtains 

that touch paintings

stroke walls 

my body is grace and ground

rising from bed is no effort no thought

much light

breath easy from work in the trees

i own nothing of this place and its open curtains

the dogs with me

heel, healing

i am nothing except love for all things

even what is not deserving

maybe especially 

definitely i have

harmed and been harmed

seen truth  

determined change  

in my being.

i move swiftly 

flow over the left side of the bed

left foot on the ground

i swing

face up

to start the day

or to continue it rather

as some day has passed away.

i understand where i am heading

and know specifically

healing is anywhere

i am protected

at home in this place

i can tell because in my dream

i sleep with the windows open.

– cole garlando

image: by cole
id: upshot of white blossoms against a blue sky streaked by a single airplane trail