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up and away the sky booms. we crawl from the roof like old baboons. limpid* souls. low and steady. in front of a storm to set a few. i find her. the rain is warm and we run through. we close all the doors. open certain windows, the rain blows round, full blooms.

for every one, there are two.

one becomes two.
three becomes two.
so, to one again i say:

memory: down between me the cello booms. too true for this time of in-between light.

before the sun rises

in the back of my ribs

i feel its boom

not soft

but gentle 

fine curves


indigo blue

thick fumes

wave from its mouth

the sun blazes

if only it were in view.

when i die

p[lant me w a treeling

and watch me grow

no casket

no flames

only soft brown soil

give me the ground when i go

to feel the falling snow

to feed it is it grows

to provide air of flow

i am a tree

bowing for every one.

for every one there are two

i dance with you

held close and then let go

open and close

up sharp

around the edges

round, full

dance with me slow

until i go.

-nicole garlando

*limpid souls added two weeks after i wrote this poem during esri2021. today i came across the use of limpidity by andreas weber, also in reference to baboons, in the book “matter and desire”.