*all these wands*

the third


looks back

to the side

flipped all the fires.

any card (any thing that exists/object/idea/person/thing)

does not exist alone,

if we consider the empty;

it is not even alone in its -ness



third in

after 2

rotating again.

let’s consider-

9 in relation to 8 and to 0

empty again.

but if empty,

then empty

is not empty

because as empty

it is

in relation

to all emptiness

as in

all full potential

and everything.

sorry, trying to tell this 9 story
as it looks back to 8 which in this story is a field of wands upside down.

2 emperors

let’s see that!!

i will quiet now and see if something happens.

light to dark

a visual way of difference in tonal frequency and form change what you are capable of imagining.

imagine a long black tree and if your brain has a certain type of visual functionality ie you have vision and what you see is separated into shapes and colors and gradients of sound and felt experience internal and inexternal (the part where a transfer in the mind+(perceived) environment causes us to experience an end to our beings and a start to the air, earth, water, beings, ideas, actions, etc. and even feeling muscles to bones and fascia and otherwise maybe. because our species seprates visually or with tonality into bits of form, sound, or understanding.

(she s\witches rings)

humans say “i understand” based on the way we perceive what, and its change.

here is my scene:

i sit in someone else’s kitchen again… sorry i’ll try not to add emotional context. just picture the scene.

looking over a laptop you see a horizon. far off through your concept of what it could be passed the top of a fence and the trees, the topographical movement imagined. rooftoops and window frame bright with late morning. almost exactly between my spine and my heart is the silver kitchen faucet. brushed softly. it’s aligned in such a way directly in front of me about 6 feet that i imagine a swan neck surrounding my heart if seen from the fence when framed properly. from a jaunt on the horizon i imagine. i continue and type that sentence. now i go on describing then i’ll go bck in.

go now.


wandered in brightly

from over the stove

hair all bristels and glowing harpoons.

i wonder what type of lights they have in their room.

i’ll turn them off one day

and on.

hope could be considered a way to pray.

i think so.

but what isn’t anyway?

*ref: last night’s tarot w dkéama*

sept 2, 2021

image: paintng by garlando “berth”