the eight settled down with their heads on the ground- and sound roared up from their ankles. knees move into space it has bent it again. space bent light. space is not one thing. consistently. its constitution of liquid flow, quaseous clouds, empty vessel. what empty? no. full. we cannot fit in. too dense it has been. and now the same is said. because time is everything, what we feel today is time, bent. time bent by the body. it is light in a mirror. reflecting, to stop time. in a moment of time’s rambling. its quiet, rippled sheen. as you. shining. you are time. but time is not just you.

the movement of existence. each momentary lifetime. we experience ourselves. and slowly, as we live and settle into our reckoning, we feel trapped by the sight of the overwhelming sounds of droves of people. existing in ways not our own. as all things do. exist in its way.

up and around you. with you. it is you.

i. who?

i still do. and don’t deny that as truth. i am one. done with questioning. type fast, the words in their mouths talk out what we [don’t] do. hello, how are you? i honor your spirit and i hope to. all things exist: i hope i honor you. plants, thank you. people who helped at my birth, thank you. whatever changes to muons when approaching  earth, thank you. let’s please do better at feeding the world too. let’s please do better at not killing and not being cruel. what is power? let us do better at seeing one another. in the heart. let all people be safe. let all living things, all sentient beings energy moving be \

what can be said?


what ought we move?

what have you heard?


what did you mean?

you tell me.

everything is what you perceive.

-garlando 2019, last two lines added oct 17, 2021

image: my reflection in a window 2019