Human Interviews Episode 17

Episode_17 out now on #mixcloud has @cole______g (Cole Garlando) in conversation with Shakya and Nicole Kim. This ep. features some of their thoughts and ideas from that day on #love, #perception, #songwriting, #psychosis, #meditation, and #self. Shakya, and Nicole Kim (aka Dakimi) are stellar human beings currently living in Germany. Shakya is a former Buddhist monk who is currently a university student of psychology. Nicole Kim is a singer/songwriter who recently finished her master’s thesis on solar energy. Inside this episode you will hear an original song, “Sell Me Two” with lyrics by Dakimi in collaboration with handpan musician, Mandakini. This episode was recorded in September 2022 and was technically the final episode of Human Interviews created for though it has not been available to listen to until now via this link! Stay tuned for more new episodes of HUMAN INTERVIEWS throughout 2023 as the project continues ❤ Thank you to Shakya and Nicole Kim for their share and significant share that day; to all those who support and contribute to this project throughout the years; and to everyone who is listening. I’m so joyful and honored to be sharing these again. Take good care out there. Listen to the episode