questions are a gift

Ali, Mom, NYC Few months back, I was part of a symposium at NYU/Tisch on ensemble improvisation called Form in Question. Before arriving, K.J. Holmes invited me to be part of a group that would perform during her session and I ended up part of a sextet with Jennifer Monson, Linda Austin and musicians Kris Apple, Robert… Continue reading questions are a gift

Repetition + Adaptation = Truth… and dichotomies as praxis?

i made this sticky - a post from years ago.. same - and an edit. our shadows and smokey  11Oct2014   photo by cole Last night I attended Vida Midgelow's lecture and post-discussion "Dance Improvisation as Research: Liquid Knowing and Languaging" with OSU cohorts and faculty (I consider them "cohorts" in ways) and was sparked as… Continue reading Repetition + Adaptation = Truth… and dichotomies as praxis?

Im typing this post in real time

good. god. it actually read that as i typed it, the title: "i'm typing this post in 'real time'". .. ! tha fuq is real time? this is the first post i will have ever type/d in real time. until now i've posted excerpted written journals and other 'un-real time' ephemera on this blogsite. so. i read the posts… Continue reading Im typing this post in real time