of 7, there are 4
three queens and 4 more
the four more are the most
but of them one is off the coast
there she sees and meets in t(h)rees
rounding 7 up from these.
The future of many are the nights of few. There is writing in rhyme that soothes.me out.
Feasting on the words I take in. Feast7Fear
Time to speak to pull “inside”. What happens there you cannot hide. So rhyme, if you must but take in the sights – the smells – the sounds – the lights of night. In time there have been more than me. There are only 3 in 12s and these.
Don’t wish  there are none. Silent dish, and then they’re done.
Wish it well.
How do I write a story?
The purple turtle smiles.
It moves slower than the rest
It walks on things to heal them.
The shadow moves faster than      it
the shadow       experiences
denser climate.
(excerpt spring 2014 edit spring2020)
love, cleo