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It has begun before it strtd and ending all the time.
I hear music I haven’t heard in a decade or more. I see myself then, in hte room tyoing a paper. And hearing this sound, it is sunny outside, I am nit cold. The room has 5 windows just off fthe front pirch. It is my roomate’s bedroom. he is at class or something.
I have just come from a talk.  Sometims I am useful and seomtimes I am nott. So,etimes. And why do I cre so? Why is it this that occupies my thimethought? Thought time.
Elizabeth strb. – made the same point I wondered abo

ut last semester after watching the pina solo, when she improvised across the space and then after she walked back the way came. Crossing backward over the time she had . — streb said she wondered about time, how we move backeard in space but time still moves forward.
Yes. And in the film time. “There is no proof of time only evidence. …”
And here is time. All around me. and gravity And me, who is you.
We communicate through gravity and time. In space. ? no that isn’t it… good movie.
I wait no more in the wonder abour thte other thing. I know. It is so. But what do I know and how do I know it? How do learn, remember, know?
What is it that keeps me fro
m [         ] ? It is me.
Yes it si you and it is them and it s=is us. But thnen what happens if we ask the question that know onw no onw sees? What is it?
The thing.
The thing that we try and fill with me, them, us,?
Yes, the very same.
And then for reasons unknownfi if fire and feuld dfdfdfksdisnfkdl’ riejfncnmxz,,xm cxsncko;Alkcz,xn bvdznjkd acmxkcxzcm…dlfowfjnfks,cm,mnvjn ncmc.z,xxvn kn ksc kmscmvn avnanfvlkndc /
Time comes sloew. And low.
– typed, not read. (a notion inspired by ‘The Life Aquatic’)
if i had wirtten this and transferred into type as i do with most posts here, i think that stream of letters “fire and….” would have been drawing, and the typos would not have been vreated by thw tap of my fingers.
excerpt 1.23.15

edited 1.25