million-mile body

Listen to cole speak "million-mile body", a movement+meditation score created for benevolent instuction (click to hear cole speak "million-mile body" - transcript follows)imagine you are a million miles tall_ this would bring you far above your current horizon_ imagine now every movement that you make_ even if small_ is highly consequential to the earth you… Continue reading million-mile body

what if gravity is not what we think?

three sheets of grey paper staggered and layered w minimal marks of sharpie, black paint, and turqiouse patina from copper along with this piece of writing

change is perceived and we call it TIME. IMAGINE space is a plasma-like substance and TIME is the movement of mass which creates variable waves in all directions. waves create dimensions. whether planets, light or energy - mass is moving and changing. we observe it from our perspective. and so, OUR perspective is TIME. TIME… Continue reading what if gravity is not what we think?