three sheets of grey paper staggered and layered w minimal marks of sharpie, black paint, and turqiouse patina from copper along with this piece of writing

what if gravity is not what we think?

change is perceived and we call it TIME.

IMAGINE space is a plasma-like substance and TIME is the movement of mass which creates variable waves in all directions. waves create dimensions. whether planets, light or energy – mass is moving and changing. we observe it from our perspective. and so, OUR perspective is TIME. TIME has nothing to do with the actual thing. the observer has an un/knowable effect on the whole and the speed while simultaneously remaining un/able to perceive the whole or speed of things. 


we will believe anything. we want to explain our universe our perception our history our reality.

IMAGINE if you will, that the current model of two neutron stars or blackholes is wrong. that space is not a fabric or vacuum. space is more like the depth of the sea. IMAGINE waves move in all directions beyond our dimensional perception from forces. not merely in spiraling trails behind, because there is no direction. gravity isn’t what we think. i do not believe the space we measure is the surface (though maybe it is) but more like the depths EXCEPT there is more than gravity working. though from our perspective we can not perceive what it is. IMAGINE the fluid-like substance of Space and imagine that its viscosity changes and moves – like brackish water and the sea EXCEPT instead of salt it is a different pool of atomic matter moving. 

things are moving around us and we are moving around things. size has nothing to do with speed, material or reality. from our limited perspective we cannot tell what is moving or in what direction. 

we grasp at something. 

at calendars

at science

at god

we love living. look at these trees! i love them and the sun shining. 

all while lives are worth less than money and there is much disease. 

i know the half-dozen people i connected to today smiled for a moment at least. 

i can’t tell what is going on.

i am interested in collectively deconstructing all of the major principles we believe and systems we conceive in order to offer different ideas, different ways of doing things, different ways of perceiving- to create a different reality, collectively.  

-nicole garlando nov 4, 2020