million-mile body

Listen to cole speak “million-mile body”, a movement+meditation score created for benevolent instuction

(click to hear cole speak “million-mile body” – transcript follows)

imagine you are a million miles tall_

this would bring you far above your current horizon_

imagine now every movement that you make_

even if small_

is highly consequential to the earth you are standing on_

a slight adjustment might move mountains_

a kick or a jump might send the planet spinning off in a new direction_

with your million mile body_

be direct_

be intentional_

let nothing be done without great consideration first_

raise the hand, bend the knee, lower the ear_ 

change direction_

move swiftly away from the center of yourself_

raise a hand, bend a knee, lower an ear_

move swiftly away from the center of yourself_

raise your hand, bend your knee, lower your ear_

move swiftly away from the center of yourself_

let your belly button direct you to a wall_

connect your belly to that wall_

like a starfish imagine your belly button is a mouth_

this was our first mouth in the womb and it has all the sensorial capacity_

to take information in_

imagine you are sucking it through the wall_

information about the structure of the building you are in_

its relationship to the ground_

imagine all of this sensing information_ 

traveling through your million mile body_

think a thought of gratitude and disconnect from the wall_

proceed now in an angular and jagged exploration of the space immediately around your body_

an angular and jagged experience of the space immediately surrounding you_

a close kinesphere_

your million mile body has great effect on the earth as you move_

stop what you are doing now and find the ground_

you can kneel, lay, rest.

from the space between your bones_

write words_

from the space between your bones_

draw pictures_

from the space between your bones_ 

communicate your record of perception_

from the space between your cells_

celebrate something_

from the space between your past and your future_ 

settle in now_

through circles_

through rotation_

settle in to the center of you_

imagine gratitude rising off your skin like heat_ 

into the angles of the jagged space around you_

shift slightly in your million mile body and imagine your head closer to the sun_

allow your head to drop now closer to the core of the earth_ 

and, end. 

“million-mile body” spoken score improvised by garlando for the collaborative movement+meditation practice benevolent instruction.
image: garlando’s “mountains4” acrylic, housepaint, watercolor on paper bag