photo by nico on 17September2014.

we make choices about what we communicate. how we create ourselves and relate.

my friend Leslie once gave me the image of the inner circle of friends/loved ones as a bullesye.

it’s like with every interaction there is:

1 and 2. our want and ability to offer our inner circle.

3 and 4. an other’s want and ability to reACH it.

5 (6, 7, 8, 9). we are both ‘our’ and ‘other’ in every interaction.

how do we know the people around us? how do we know ourselves? i wonder this.

i took too long in my last damn FB post by the time i had it, Facebook had “removed the content”. it was something about the way we see a difference when black, white, red, brown, yellow, opalescent folks do the same shit. it gave me the same feeling of offness as when people differentiate for sexual orientation. there is differentiation for celebration and differentiation for discrimination.

Humans are humans. we are of same.

people close to me say i need cultivation. That i am stuck, in ways. in fear. in love. in hope. in language. in loop. in dream. in habit. in seeing.

i have everything to learn.

there are many who seem much more or much less of something. but as i move through things i try to remind myself that all i see in others is “just like me”. And I smile when i do.

It is so. It is so. It is so.