something about a word is not more.

at heatwave columbus 2015jan

André Lepecki on collaborating with Meg Stuart:

approach to metaphor as something that must be literalism by physical action.” (67)

“the fine liminality between living and haunting” (67)

“the process was guided by thinking practically on how lineage is a body – but also  how language makes bodies, and finally how bodies both make and dissolve language.” (68)


(1.24.16 cole journal excerpt)

the word is not the thing.

Been showing some folks Laniakea which means “immeasurable heaven”. New astrophysics research 3D animation. They comment on the name “The Great Attractor“. Yesyes, okay…

but i’m showing you the thing. not to have a conversation about how you feel about a word (which only some humans will know) or the creators of the name (only some will like) and how the whole system of language and power effect you or each of us (no one will ever fully understand).

i’m showing you the thing. to share an experience.     together.   or.

mountain is not “mountain” and Subtlety…

through it all goes my wandering light.

the thing exists

my wandering. while standing still.

There may be a “great attractor” ,  but nothing about words and ideas is more.

is a thing.