how much? how far?

Perception: it is what is.

I spoke to someone last night, or rather they told me things. I felt off.

Who the fuck do I think I am?
To name someone’s truth.
If we are asked for help, are we charged to answer?
And answer with the help they seek?
What of the help they need?

Who the fuck do I think I am?
To feel an other’s need.
What if they are not participating in truth?
And my giving does more harm than good?

Who the fuck do I think I am?
To know what is good.
To know some one’s truth.
What is truth?
What we perceive is our reality.
It was their reality.
Truth? I don’t know.
But their eyes were true…

True is a temporal version of truth.

It’s a beautiful sunny day out.

Go back to what you were doing.

Turn on music.

Pray for children everywhere.


I need a distraction.

That time at the office I heard Lexi say
“I’m my own distraction”

Writing. Feeling. Sitting quiet.

I need practice at letting this one go.

I will practice again, letting this one go.

It is my imagination.

There is no great loss of love, just a dream I wake reaching for.
(it’s here that I realize I have been my distraction)

Go back to what you were doing.

Sit in silence.

Love all beings everywhere.


Can you imagine the hell they have been through? No you cannot. And here you are demanding dreams. They see you and know you have no idea what things are. You do not care to know, because what you perceive prevents you from doing any more. I have created an experience and not honored it, maybe now in its passing or maybe in onward.

What I perceive, I believe.
My perception can change.
Beliefs are a choice.


How else can I know?

What is the work now?

It is love’s work.

Like Gore’s analogy:

On a porch throwing stones against the house.
One step to the right and the stone soars into the backyard.
(Just mind the steps.)

INtention moves with or without you. And you can direct it.
All this time.

What does time mean? It is made of the truth that we give it. We create it.

I lay, dangling into the atmosphere, into oblivion, into perpetual init. (that typo, tho)Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 1.28.32 AM

It never was the thing that you thought.

WRi(gh)t. e. o.


Stop frowning. No amount of downward pull
will keep you from flying off into time.


Turn off the music.


The world is going

It is going

That is the way

There is no settle and understand

It never resolves

It may feel it so, but no.

There is some time when three things come to be:

One.) Someone sees you

Two.) You see them

Three.) Vision is clear

And there is some time when other things go.


Take time.

It is not real but perceived.

Time is another word for our perception, our reality. Everything exists and from our vantage point of motion we are matter moving from and toward ourselves in atom and in universe and this is perceived as time.

And so, as light reflects space into itself as it travels, the seeing becomes different for all of existence. We reflect our own movement out, infinitely. Or until infinity is something else. Maybe. So we see what we see as it is reflected in light. We perceive. And we perceive what we can imagine. How can we imagine other things?

.   This is our vantage point.

We are made of time. We are what we fill it with. We create ourselves.

(website blog excerpt/edit 2.26.16)

There is nothing left in memories except hilarity. Just let it all be good. Life is good.

It is existence. It’s good for us.

.   This is our vantage point.

We are made of time. We are what we fill it with. We create ourselves.

Humans are time – but look, here we exist. Time is our perception of existence. Maybe all of existence is the drop of a rock? Just now. Or maybe all life as O see it and projection of a universe is my dream. I am a swimming, sleeping … no that has another memory tied to it, I don’t want to say… Yes, but I see dolphin. So then type it, again. Dolphin.

Last line “Dolphin reminds us to get out, play and most importantly, to breathe”.


So. How goes?

How much do you want before you get it?

Ok then.

How far do you go before you miss it?

(I see you, distraction.)

Turn on the music.

Trust the way is everywhere.