I recently submitted a short paper for a theory and philosophy course with Dr. Harmony Bench that analyzes movement from the cosmic to the cellular. The following lines of my submission she’d underlined. It’s interesting to see where people connect with me. i put the “perception” one in bold below because i love it so.

“The dialogue I direct is one interested in the idea that we (in form and in sense) are weight in time, carved into being by movement”

“… the fleshbody as something other than self – it is an object of our subjective perception”

“What I’m looking at is our place of perception. In that place you are moving. The place is also moving.”

“Movement renders time legible as form: form of human, form of existence, of cell, of ideology…”

“… time and space could also be time- and space-, because whether or not they may be substantive, our experience of them is always relational”

“I wonder how anything we experience can be referred to as incorporeal? Unless we are assuming that without a body we can still sense dimensions and make meaning, witness and mobilize other context,  which I may or may not agree with, but does this un-bodied experience remain as we are in a body? And can we separate it from what we body?”

“The body as the place of perception: moving in a place that is moving. So when we think of a photo, we can see movement caught moving…”

“I am constantly othering my body as I go”

“… ‘spend time’ ‘take time’ ‘have time’ ‘do time’ make time’ ‘save time’ ‘share time’ ‘keep time’ ‘it’s time’ ‘tell time’ – these descriptions separate time from me”