jan 1, 2020 edit jan 18

i am not 

like i have ever been

something different 

about every cell of being

thoughts patterned 

turn off 

new bridges form

a way

to destiny

leave it

to be

a person


shock and wave


comes free

light falls

just so

on the corner of me

my eye

face glows

left tired

by the night

sleep is

somewhere else

for now

i understand 



i presume

as habits 

mount fears 

and carry me 


they serve 

as transport

as path

burning bridge


i cross to escape

nothing in me says i cannot 

become more 

than i sought

patience has brought action,

new thought.

image: photo of a phone’s footage – nicole in leslie’s surveillance camera jan 2020. description: photo of a screen and a thumb on black and white surveillance footage from leslie’s front room – nicole in light colored sweatshirt talking on the phone, pacing.