process notes excerpt, during participation at the Mind and Life Europe Summer Research Institute 2021


after each breath i see a glimmer

is it?


water it is 

a glow about it 

a light the sparkles;

a glimmer and a crease in the fold

a glimmer 

shining soft and bold

more than before 

like i got up quick and must sit

but not dizzy from it

a glimmer is hope

and like winged things 

it can be gentle 

and it can scare you more than you know

dancing talons of it carry me off of this roof and onto a boat.

– nicole garlando august 19, 2021

this summer was full of incredible coincidences (natural occurences) ❤


as a dancer and improviser i always think it interesting the term “embodied” is a thing because we are bodied beings. “embodiment” implies it is an option to body. it makes it seem like what we learn is what we become not what we’re observing. perhaps that is true too. i do believe as well that the mind has no location, that it can be in all the cells of my body and in another “body” entirely like that of a mountain top or light flying.

esri day ii

idea(l) of taking care of my vessel and of the larger vessel (relationship, community, art, ideas, energy, what have you)

what boundaries mean – 

habits of trust, hope, gratitude

slow down

forgiveness from long ago, for whatever i believed (created) to protect myself then

addiction to a habit of being : perceptual/thought/emotional process

“hierarchy of habits (marco schlosser) different dimensions of habits and how they interact – ie perceptual habits, like imbuing existence into everything instead of emptiness” (!!)

“we can understand it but if it drops down into our emotional world then it is stuck in our head” – yeshe

later, i asked the day’s question: “what fuels life?” to divyamaan and isi,

he said “love” and she agreed.


last week i was lucky and honored to join 120 participants in the most recent European Summer Research Institute with Mind and Life Europe. Still processing the week of offerings i participated in via zoom from Bearnstow in the woods of Maine during the parallel hours of 3a-11a. i stayed-up or woke to set-up on scattered wifi in the main building as the conference took place in CEST time (Switzerland).

I am not able to know what is becoming and there is joy in the in-between. I take the theme of gratitude for the in-between from today’s new meeting with 20 contemplative researchers attending from their own spaces and lives around the world. Thank you group! Thank you ESRI. Thank you life.

Thank you, everything – I don’t know you but I love you.

edit iii sept 9 afternooon