There is something…

up flower down (detail) by cole
“up flower down” (smokey hair detail) art by cole
I’d like to better explicate meaning as a maker. What terms do I use to define concepts? I ride on a feeling and believe others know my intention – they get the gist of what I mean, because somewhere in me, I know – deeply. But there is a deep feeling of not-knowing. And of not knowing how to make meaning of either.
I crack words open inside the shell of me. “Trauma” “Maker” “Process” – these things I have such deep “knowings” of, as do each of us. I do not have words to extrapolate meaning. I get overwhelmed by the conflicts, the didactics, the making legible of some things while making others illegible by framing the concepts of words and experiences in intentional and explicit ways.
To be comfortable with knowing what I state is not constant – my meaning, understanding, and knowledge are as fluid as the circumstances of existence… To allow meaning to change… To articulate these in my current understanding or making of meaning – I must first be able to see what it is I am framing, and with what. I begin to blink new eyes open. And as of yet I do not see.
A / B         A ↔ B         A ∞ B
logic flow symbols
→ if, then
↔ if and only if : iff
∀ for all
∴ therefore
∃ there exists
∞ infinity
operator symbols
∪ union of
∩ intersect
∑ summation
∇ divergence of
∗ convolution
(excerpt September 14, 2014)
“So, -what” of meaning? There is something else…

(updated 11-9-14)