la Vida

Ani Javian rehearsal, pictured Sabrina Lumbert and Shannon Drake. photo by nicole
Ani‘s rehearsal 11.12.14 pictured: Sabrina and Shannon, photo: Nico
Vida Midgelow visits OSU 11.18/19.14 to dialogue with us on practice as research, in words and in movement. Today she enables us to write and improvise through decision/tasks. We move, speak, and write as witness and mover, in first and third person. Following is an excerpt of reflexive writing during this process:
I write:
I am fatigued, anxious and pent-up. I am without energy for releasing – too tired and behind to muster release. I am grateful for my ‘problems’. I am resistant to the academy (though I worked hard to be here and came in eyes open). I am hungry for more making. I am quiet and screaming for other. My body longs for soothing. I am guilty and interested. I am breathing and seeing heart all around me. I am under the same sky as everyone else. I am electric – a dull buzzing of white noise dialed up to lightning.

Tammy moves. I write:
I wonder what the inside of her mouth looks like – I visualize her organs. The movement reminds me of a train. She is eyes closed the duration – or slatted, I fear she may run into something. She doesn’t. A sequential train, one car after the other. I see her feet and hands as endpoints of the track.
I move. I write:
She is drawn to parallel lines. She feels eyes on her. She has the right shoulder thing. Then there was Norah’s red book that she played with – parallel pages with parallel limbs – forearms, feet, hips, femurs, chin, back of skull. The sound of the squeaks power my her dynamic. There is the constant shift of ‘what?’ ‘why?’ ‘seeing’.
(I add this section early morning of the 19th. No longer I, now referred to as Cole)
Todd calls. Mihwa moves. Cole writes:
Flamingo baby there is a question    should I repeat? She says. then she walks   flashes   hands   swings to flamingo again. swing through to settle sand tracks in the air – her weight. is heavy and thick in the hips and legs wet sand, She flies to the ground   and sweeps,   sand again   the wind  .breaks the silencew/claps      ,climb the pelvis.
Cole calls. Todd moves. Mihwa writes:
knees falling forward  ,   he’s pushing his needs. hand’s shaking flicking    glasses are also moving and following his movement   and it looked at me toes are coming in and out of sitz bones
Mihwa calls. Cole moves. Todd writes:
slap slap spin.  slapstick humor in mel Brooks Bad Movies, Bad songs spin on knees Movies play in the summer, play in the fall. Movies win Oscars win awards win hearts of fans. All over the world
excerpt 11.18/19.14