Note to self: that’s not your idea

What makes us think we do not share thoughts and ideas the way that we share air, gravity, energy from the sun? These things are from a source that is not us. We do not manifest them from our being. They a part of our experience and allow us to change in understanding. So what makes us think this way – the way of ownership of idea, of thought?
The land of “intellectual property” baffles me (property at all actually  —  including how i’ve come to see family, friends, and others in relation to myself).
If we go with ownership as important then, okay – now we are in a certain mode.
now we must think about “yours” and  “mine”.
For the last twenty years I’ve been writing down things said (inside and outside my head); writing down things i see/sense; marking observations about events and how they make me feel; what they make me question or decide.

i’d love to write while being able to move around and talk [or think] and have typed transcription occur in the format i’d like, or by interacting with a large wall board that i could move my body and type and organize files and images like that screen on mission impossible.

So in this time of “intellectual property” – in conversation with a colleague/university faculty I was advised I need to get permission before I write things down that I hear in class. Before I take them in to think about, I need to ask permission of the owner of the idea, the thought. Wow. This is interesting. Right? i think now of her choreography, very specific and full body full on full dance thing. it is specifically hers.
we may emulate but when we do lets have it as important to mention the names of those who’ve trained us, even without knowing. some know. coco used to talk about her gurus, being many and us. yes i agree.
What is experience? How to learn? Is all of life translation from perception into thoughts prismatically in some way by observing? Someone once told me, that like them, I was the type of person who could watch something done and then know how to do it. Well what is this ability for? Is it for empathy? Is it to engage with the idea? Is it to teach me why I am? The person / people throughout my experience share ideas, I connect as many as possible, events are momentary.
So I am inspired by something said during a discussion and I write it down alongside sketches of movement and thoughts about light and other things I’ve marked down. I look through my notes to make meaning of my experience in the world, to spark memory, to observe what it is i am drawn to learn from or remember, to allow the effect of thinking about things to change ideas or to reveal ideas to me. Not everything I write down am i in support of or agree with, so to speak. but they are note-worthy. they are ideas, they are part of my processing. “i do not create in a vacuum” (Bebe said she maybe heard that from someone but I can’t remember who; and they heard it from someone that other time; and they said it to their daughter, age 7 so toys heard and then 20 years passed and something reminded her and she said it with the 3,790 other people who thought it alone on a roof or said it drunk to no one or said it to people who knew people that forumed things and so the thought is attributed to someone.
Lexi Stilianos “directory” – test 1 footage of  mfa project coming Feb 2017
After watching Julia Rhoads’ work about Cyberlaw, piracy, appropriation, intellectual property issues, identity theft and my own length of experience I ask: What is this line? How do we draw it? Why do we feel we must? Not to act obtuse, as I’m aware of the reasons, but where do they come from? What do we need in order to make good choices? To see the levels of good and that what may be good for us may not be best for the group.
The whys of lines of your’s and mine.
Why am I so emotional about what is mine?
What are the motives?
 In this “intellectual property system” What am I allowed to be affected by in academe? By anything, if i cite it properly? Or only by certain things that are not what some would call an original idea? How do I feel that a colleague’s project looks a great deal like mine, what I have been working on for years of years?
Of course it does!! How porous is reality – how fluid is time and space.
We are all thinking the same thoughts. the thoughts exist and we get them dropped on us like apples. One tree can drop a lot of apples. Newton observed the world and we attribute certain ideas to his mind. how are we as humans?!  to believe our thoughts come from a brain, working in its own bubble of experience, disconnected from the universe… from existence we come, from existence we go back.
We see the ideas of people where we are looking. Or where someone else tells us to look, by media publish or forum in some way. Or about the things that are directly around you that you observe in the physical Or other realms.
The plural of Or.
So what of the more than 108 billion human beings that never made it to the reigning government’s church; Or to youtube; Or to where you have looked?
What of their ownership of idea?

Like land, we can occupy and care for ideas, destroy and grow them or let them be, but we do not manifest their existence from our being. Ideas remain “while everyone you know is born and will die”.

(a reference to textual property by Ain Gordon from works by Bebe Miller).
edit of an assignment for a comp class w bebe.