on a bench, barely

heat splashes.

do you rise?

make a joke,

something light.

i saw a squirrel once,

it moved with fright but it was alright.

was that funny?

what is?

light is not light.

write what you see.

the jade plant

beside me.

in front of me.

its leaves are wax petals

light, white on the green.

smoke rises.

do you see?

under water with me,


i hear you muffled by waves.

sound is slower

in water, through ground.

the blades

around time

cast dark motion on my skin.

my hair is growing


the light brightens with heat.

clouds cool it again.

i see the change of temperature.

your eyes are cold now.

your face beside me.

in front,

transparent over all i can see.

loosely i sit on a bench

i made of memories.

good times around me.

i enjoy them now

sitting silently


on a bench

that has decades of me.

i am happy

you are alive and laughing.

is that funny?

image: my paint cup in the kitchen


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