I am Pan: the #

“That one thing that I thought mattered, maybe it didn’t matter. Or maybe it doesn’t matter now.”
(Chip Willis 15Dec2016)

chip willis photo

(29December-13Jan, 2016) I had a vision years ago during a shaman trance. I was a golden hawk. I lifted you up near water from tall, green grass. You were a small, dark snake. Fast I flew with you, and careful in my feet. Then I ripped your neck with my beak and dropped you, headless.

As we went, slightly first fell your body from my rite, quickly then your head, left. [You wiggled an unharmed two, new ends twisting safe toward your bottom on Earth, darkwarm]. I continued to soar.

The sky moved mostly orange-pink on hazy strips of blue peaks.

now, today. i understand a fear of me, but save it for yourself.

i see certain things.
i see that you, will not.

have respect for me, my heart circles and place,
these folks are my family, I built that floor on my knees.

i see you don’t see, so you’ll hear me:
my sacred feminine is worth more than your rehearsal in masculinity.
back-off blessed.

there is never a need to race.
or bear fear wide to a dizzyin dazzling white teeth.
go be magnificent there in the wide open air

and stop  t r y i n g  t o  t r y  your shit around me.

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