you sit on it

photo by me, chip shooting kat

coda: 27Jan2017

last week I enter large,
a door frame.

the door is open,
light is on.

“what are you doing?” (I mean what is that, specifically)

“working, cole..” a curt flush from behind the front of alaptoponadesk.
annoyed but playful.

i keep my large at the door and insert: “will you be my creative partner again?”

a look away. nothing but eyes to a bookshelf, balking time and academic work, searching logic on their right, which is my left they say: “someday.”

“i’ll take it” withdraw quick, stroll to distance.

original to coda: 3mos before:
swallowed by the whole world.

“perhaps the things that are closest to me are not the best things to attack academically…” i said.

she agreed. said it was a well-timed question.

how can showing make things known?

listen and type

go to it

see from it

have for it and sit

be once and be all

the kids are running, lions taming them

children feel weak from weeping and growing strong.

they rise

we fall

the less is more listening

and streaming tired high and low

and then it’s Me OK –

trying not to knot the ties as they come.

see far off and reaching,

fly into the sun

come away, come away, come away death –

repeating verse upon verse until matched is half-lead.

find on without being

find bright without light.

dark circles



bringing light to the shock

listen and type.

why see the unknowing, why see the unknown?

what can you be?

how far is it from

the last shock of all won.

rhythm, retreat, restart once again.

have light in the time of both on, apart in.

tell time it is you, you are it breathing in.

come away from the door, the windows are falling.

trump tight.

humans are sick and fleeting from breath

and from stay.

being goes and it goes until it doesn’t one day.

no stop to life really, it just seems like an end.

a new form of what happens when being is dead.

catch weight of perception, dry the flow, form again.

they kept asking me about my audience. maybe I speak to a different one.

for a different one.

quickly they fall, their hands to their face, over a computer.

still Okay.

i smile; red creeps up my spine.

going back to a task, i keep them in sight. it helps me somehow.

to see them there.

door open or shut,

a light is on.