“touch a nerve?” (anonymous)

cole photo

Listening to the interviews I’ve collected.
Transcribing, re-living, processing with new ideas.

Imagine me as a tree growing lessons by the sun.


It’s like I’m tripping. Dripping.

Over the last two years I’ve recorded dozens of people, different ages in different parts of the world discussing their ideas of “self/not-self”, “time”, and now a third question I ask – which is about a word i’ve yet to find that for me gets at the idea of : “our un/known form, fleshsoulbeing in lived/imagined, perceived experiences and our place of perception”. i don’t know what the word is and ‘life’ doesn’t fit …

and now 3 – in relation to each, et al:

1. self/not-self


3. form/flesh, body/soul, being-in, lived/imagined, experiential point of perception

why/how is there difference (in us, in life, or in ideas 1.2.3) and why/how is that same?

words can mean anything.

and so when i ask if you want to do an interview of your thoughts on these things, I will ask permission to record our conversation. and if we do i will use your words in any form of text, dance, painting, podcast or made thing i create. you will remain referred to as ‘anonymous’, unless i ask you first.

in february 2017 a dance, inside a participatory environment, inside an audio and art installation made from this gathering will open. 8 dancers: justin, jovita, amy kb, tamie, anna v., mel m., megan d-b., and ava. three collaborators: vita berezina-blackburn, kate sweeney, and sharona udoh. me and a venue, unknown.

whatever happens there will be viewed as my mfa project (thesis).

the gathering and questions continued when i was born and will go on after i’m dead.

“words aren’t actual” (anonymous)

“… my feeling of it: its just one thing: everything everything everything. and so, this communication thing… there’s a temporal sort-of relationship to uhm.., so the separation, there’s a separation thing that happens so that understanding can occur but really, understanding is the thing. its just a thing – everything is [one];  so i like to..  i feel like it gets closer to..  it gets me closer to that thing or whatever when i hear what people think things are. and when you hear a lot of people … ya know?” – Cole