a new dance. maybe it’s called ‘matches’

justin fitch, jess gore, ray elder, ella hackworth, sheneese thompson, and orion and aries gore.

sound by cast and ammanuel tekeste.

i film in the  middle if this dance. i leave the typo if here instead of of because i recently received a deep text that had the typo of if instead of of. funny.

i am amazed by these people.

they have made a dance of nothing but thoughts.

what a grateful bag of water i am. – this “bag of water” is a beautiful reference i  stole from a student of mine – not sure i am institutionally allowed to mention their name, but if i am – i will. they described a dancer as moving this way.

                                         i feel… i feel. and i do other things too.

“i don’t get my feelings hurt anymore. they’re not my feelings anyway.” – jerry west

i wonder what does making have to do with feeling? what does feeling do to thinking? or who the flip cares?!!!? i get so tired of asking questions sometimes. it feels good to feel like i know. or that I am known. i do gravitate in the idea that knowdlege is fluid – an orbit where the state of knowledge is changeable – river to ice to air to …

maybe this is why i like to improvise. why i move no distance at all every few years. why i go through cycles, as it were…

i miss my family. they are so close and feel as if far, because time is different just a few hours away. Imagine the difference the further you go – except far enough is your mirror as
                                        the furthest distance looking straight at you, reflects you.
or something. who cares! i miss the kids swimming and fishing and basketball!

i miss my mom! mi familia. it is calling. i’ll see you in a couple weeks., love you all.

until then working school and being life and tossing sleep with deep breaths and learning to notice and so much gratitude my bag of self is too full of water for words.

water for words.
good title.
good metaphor.
    good trade.